CeBeDerm and CeBeDol encapsulated in Niosomes

Our products contain cannabidiol extracted from active TCH-free cannabis, which has been encapsulated in niosomes, which increases chrono activity, that is, bioavailability and its residence time in tissues, as well as greater permeability of CBD and a faster onset of therapeutic action.

Niosomes, unlike other drug carriers, such as liposomes, are vesicles of uniform dimension, non-ionic, less aggressive, with a lipid bilayer that manage to improve the skin absorption of CBD.

CBD, unlike tetrahydrocannabidiol (TCH), does not generate psychoactive effects.

Chrono activity

Difusión trans membrana Strat- M comparada entre productos CeBeDerm / CeBeDol vs CBD Estándar

Efectividad de los productos CeBeDerm

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Extraction and Purification

Natural cannabis sativa extracts are obtained using a solvent extraction method (absolute ethanol) that maximizes the concentration of cannabinoids. After the extraction, the purification and standardization process begins.

Cannabis extracts are available as APIs or cosmetics, manufactured according to our quality and GMP standards, and controlled with validated analytical methods.

GMP quality

The GMP certificate refers to the extraction and production methods. GMP compliance is certified by: